Monday, August 22, 2011

----> Navy and Yellow Themed Baby Shower

My little/only sister is expecting her first baby in October and I was giddy about getting to throw her a baby shower with my mom.  We didn't have a theme in mind when I started browsing etsy and pinterest for ideas, but when I searched for invitations on etsy and THIS popped up, I fell in love with the colors and knew we now had our theme.  Knowing my sister, she wouldn't be sad if it didn't scream BABY - and who doesn't love the navy/yellow combo (?!) - so I ran with it.

I messaged Jae, who was awesome and easy to work with - and she got right on designing the invitation.  She also designed the pennants for the banner.  When it was all finished I took the files down to Alphagraphics and had them printed on 100# card stock. 

Everything turned out just how I was imagining and she loved it!

 I did the cake topper (which had his full name), food name cards, and Mihri Hatun quote in the frame to match the invitation and pennant banner.  My sweet neighbor who just graduated from High School and is going to college this fall for Culinary Arts made the cake.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  It was a rich butter yellow cake with cream cheese frosting.

For lunch we served:

Tuscan Chicken Salad Croissants
Summer Couscous Salad
Fresh Fruit
Water Punch

I got to see my best friend from High School who I hadn't seen in almost 8 years!  The last time I saw her was at my own baby shower for my oldest who turns 8 in January.  It was great to catch up with her.  You can't even tell, but she's 22 weeks pregnant with her fourth!

I can't wait until the end of October!
Love you, sister.


Mallory said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. And yes you did very good with the colors :) It couldn't have been more perfect! I wish we had gotten a pic of John and I with the table! Maybe you'll have to photoshop him in :)

MEG said...

OH MY GOSH Tara, that looks amazing! Good food, CUTE DECORATIONS, and y'all look so adorable! (First I've seen Mal in her pregnant belly...and she doesn't even really look that pregnant. Curse her)

I wish I could've gone. I'll have to have a little gifty sent to Mal...unless you tell me the colors of her nursery and I make her something?

Love you.

Shelley said...

That all looks awesome! I wish I could have been there. And you shouldn't have told me you had someone else make those invites...I really thought you made them yourself in Photoshop. :)

Melody said...

WOW! Everything looks SO perfect! You're amazing!

Kormylo Family said...

Amazing. What a beautiful Baby Shower. And beautiful ladies. I swear you, your mom and sister are all so beautiful. I wish I could have been there to celebrate another boy. And to enjoy the amazing baby shower. Let your sister know there is a little something in the mail for her. Love you!

Christine said...

That is seriously the most stylish shower I've ever seen. Love it! :)

Emma and Dan said...

I love it all!

Mrs. Desiree Medina said...

Where did you get the "At one glance" sign?